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meet founder & creative director

Eva Maganja

Introducing a:musé, founder CEO Eva Maganja, a fashion designer and fragrance enthusiast.


At a:musé, we believe that fashion and fragrances are closely connected and that fragrance is an extension of one's style, allowing us to narrate a mood, elevate a vibe, and express who we are or who we want to be.

However, when it came to candles, Eva noticed that most designs were outdated, lacked personality, and had artificial and overpowering scents.


Many candles were also made with paraffin, a non-sustainable ingredient. This led her to explore and develop a new modern approach to fragrances, design, and candles at a:musé.

At a:musé, we are committed to using only the best and most natural ingredients in our candles.


That's why we use beeswax, which is the healthiest wax on the market. Not only is it natural, but it is also a sustainable option as it supports local beekeepers and promotes the health of honeybee populations.

We strive to create refined designs for discerning tastes that complement the environment in which you live. Our candles are infused with transcendent aromas that promote mood, relaxation or focus.


We are committed to being in harmony with nature and work closely with our beekeepers to ensure sustainable practices.

At a:musé, we believe that candles should not only be functional but also inspiring, and we strive to create candles that are not just a product but an experience.

We hope that our customers will see a:musé as a modern and intentional approach to candles, one that prioritizes quality, design, sustainability and support to local beekeepers.

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