meet co-owner & creative director

Eva Maganja

Hey Everyone, my name is Eva and im the Co-founder of a:musé.

Fashion and fragrances were my muses. I can get lost in designing high fashion outfits and dresses. To me, fragrance and fashion have always been connected.


The fragrance is an extension of style. It allows us to narrate a mood, elevate a vibe, and it can help us express who we are…or who we want to be.


Fragrance helps us communicate. It tells stories.

My love for Candles pushed me further to explore and develop a new modern approach to fragrances, design & candles.

Most candle designs are outdated. Blank glass jars. No personality.
The ''fake'' fragrances smell or are too strong to enjoy. And let’s not even mention paraffin.

Candles have been around for thousands of years.

What is a modern approach to candles?


Refined Design for Discerning Taste that compliments the environment you live in. Transcendent Aromas for Mood, Relaxation or Focus.

In Harmony with Nature.


We work and give back to our beekeepers. A modern candle will inspire you and be your co-pilot during the day.

Through thick and thin.

I hope this gives our customers the opportunity to decide for themselves what is important to them.

To me, this feels “modern and intentional”.
I hope you will see a:musé in that way as well.

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