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countryside villa candle • super soft body oil • what a peeling

glow all out kit

• glowy • relaxing

81 € 

Wash away your troubles with ButterBeKind skincare, transform your environment into a delicious-smelling wonderland, and get ready to feel relaxation like you've never felt it before. The perfect bundle for taking care of both your body and mind.

The set includes:

Countryside villa candle, Super Soft Body oil & What a peeling.

Super Soft Body Oil

Our body oil is a blend of carefully selected natural oils that support the health of your skin. It nourishes the skin, tightens it, and makes you feel radiant. Super soft is a natural dry oil because it absorbs extremely quickly into the skin and does not make it greasy. It is also suitable for combination skin, as it regulates skin sebum.

What A Peeling

Our body scrub is 3 in 1: butter, scrub, and soap.

The innovative formulation ensures that dead cells are removed from the skin with the help of dry raspberry pips. At the same time, the skin is cleansed with the help of coconut surfactant and nourished with shea butter, but does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin.


The skin is silky and radiant after use. Literally - this happens because of the addition of a natural mineral pigment, a fair and sustainably obtained natural dye. The scent of grapefruit is known to lift the mood and relax the nervous system.

Countryside Villa

• herbal    • relaxing 

The carefree feeling of running barefoot through the Lavender fields of Italy. Listen to the nearby drops of the crisp juniper water and notice the sage relaxing your mind, cleansing your spirit and removing all negative energy.

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