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3 Truths About Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries definitely isn't easy, but it's a real life-changer once you start putting them into practice and decluttering your life of all the things that stress you out.

Take 1 minute to find our top 3 truths that might surprise you about setting boundaries. 🤍

Some people won’t like them.

Some people might disregards your newly set boundaries, because they’re the people that profited the most from you not having any in the first place.

It’s not impolite to set boundaries.

We are often conditioned in childhood to 'be polite' and please others, which can make boundary setting a daunting idea.

However, you’re setting them for yourself and anyone who doesn’t like that doesn’t deserve your attention.

How others feel is not your responsibility.

It's not your responsibility to make sure other people are comfortable, if they're making you feel bad or are taking advantage of you.

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