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A:musé Xmas Gift Guide 2022

Tired of seeing basic gift guides that recommend buying wallets for men and blankets for her? 🙄 Us too!

That's why we've prepared a gift guide full of amazing gifts that support local small businesses and won't break your bank. 🥰


Butter Be Kind - Natural Skincare

Super Soft Body Oil

Our body oil is a blend of carefully selected natural oils that support the health of your skin. It nourishes the skin, tightens it, and makes you feel radiant.

Super soft is a natural dry oil because it absorbs extremely quickly into the skin and does not make it greasy. It is also suitable for combination skin, as it regulates skin sebum.


Mashlin - Handmade Bows & Scrunchies

Cute handmade bows and scrunchies


A:musé - Natural Beeswax & Soy Candle

Your Daily Energy Set

Sourced purely from beeswax and soywax, set for your mind will clean the mood and energy in your environment. It will decrease stress and increase dopamine and serotonin levels in your brain

Gift bundle that includes:

Countryside villa candle, palo santo & white sage & juniper smudge.


Dalidas Design - Handmade Botanical Jewelry

Pendants with Turquoise Baby Breath and Pink Ozothamnus

Choose this gorgeous, timeless resin necklace with real blue hydrangea cast in crystal clear resin forever.

A piece of nature, that remains forever!

Fine chain and pendant are gold plated stainless steel.



Gentleman's Coat

A Gentleman's coat in organic cotton for any occasion (where a silk coat is out of the question). It is recommended for watching the Sunday episode of Gospoda, visiting the swimming pool, fachuzi or sauna... and all other suspiciously difficult to describe situations :)


Preprosto Matcha

Matcha Aiko - Ceremonial Class Matcha

The purest and strongest form of matcha green tea, produced from the finest, hand-picked, shade-grown tea leaves from the Kyoto region of Japan, lightly roasted and ground into a fine powder full of flavor with undertones of floral aromas.

Ingredients: 100% matcha ground green tea of ​​ceremonial grade (highest quality).


R&B Coffee Roasters

Advent Coffee Box

This personalized Advent box contains 4 coffees - 1 to open on each Advent Sunday. Perfect to discover different aromas and coffee profiles.

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