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Festive Self-Care Ideas To Properly Unplug During The Holidays

December can be a very stressful time for many and filled with joy and precious moments for others. No matter where you fall on that spectrum, the Christmas holidays offer an excellent opportunity for unplugging from your regular hectic life and taking a break from the everyday activities that bring you stress.

With jam-packed schedules in December, it’s easy to feel burnt out and overwhelmed, but no one wants to feel like that before the big day has even arrived, so here’s how to indulge in a little bit of "me time" this Christmas.

Take a Festive Bath

Fill your bathtub with water, decorate the area around your bath with festive decorations (for example, mistletoe and ornaments), drop a festive bath bomb into the water, and play some Christmas music. This might seem like a simple idea, but it truly does wonders for both your mind and body.

Christmas Movie Night

Wind down during the hectic holiday season by partaking in a good ol' movie night with your loved ones. Put on a Christmas movie (the cheesier the better), grab your favorite snacks, and turn off your brain for an hour or two.

We suggest everyone watching the movie also silences their phone notifications or puts their phone away, so you really live in the moment for the duration of the movie.

Have a Pamper Session

To ensure you don’t look and feel burnt out during the holidays, indulge in a bit of pampering time. Go all out with face and hair masks, sort your eyebrows and nails.

Walk Through the City

There's nothing quite like walking through cities with a warm cup of coffee or tea, looking at all the sparkly Christmas decorations that light up the streets. Put on your warmest clothes and try aimlessly walking around - even if it's only for five minutes. Your body and mind will thank you.

Want to bring your self-care time to the next level of relaxation? Try lighting your favourite a:musé candle to the mix. They're completely natural, made with beeswax and soy, and support local beekeepers as well as the environment. Best of all? They smell AMAZING.

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