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How To Help Bees?

More than 75% of the world's food corps rely on bees and that includes your morning coffee! Luckily we are not too late to help save the bees from extinction.

Here are some ideas and guides on how to help bees from the comfort of your garden.

Plant Bee-friendly flowers in your garden.

Planting a pollinator garden helps honeybees immensely.

One of the easiest ways to help bees is planting a lot of bee friendly flowers in your garden, which will create a habitat corridor that are rich in nectar.

Also be sure that your garden is pesticide free.

Help a bee in need

You might see a bee before, laying on the floor not moving. It's easy to presume it may be dead or dying, but good chances are that she is exhausted from flying all day in the sun.

You can help her out by mixing up 2:1 sugar and water mix and placing it near the bee.

Create a Bee bath.

Bees get pretty exhausted collecting all the nectar on the hot summer day. Fill a shallow bowl/plate with clean water and add some stones inside so they can take a break in a tiny pool. Bees will appreciate the refreshing stop.

Go Pesticide Free

Pesticide are harmful to the humans and even worse to bees. The chemical used on lawns and gardens are weakening the bees immune system and damaging the flowers to bloom properly. Some pests provide food for crucial pollinators, so leaving them to be controlled naturally is the best choice if you want to help save bees.

Support local beekeepers and organizations.

Local beekeepers do a lot of work to nurture their bees and the local community.

By buying local raw honey, you support local beekeepers and their bees, and therefore the environmental health of your own town or city, as well as your own health.

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