The a:musé bee project

Updated: Sep 15

a:musé started because of our admiration for bees and to preserving the nature.

1. Why Bees?

There would be no life without bees.

Bees are one of the most important animals on the planet. They pollinate most of the planet and with that they are ensuring food and food security.

There are over 20,000 known bee species worldwide, working hard and ensuring they pollinate and take care of flowers, vegetables, fruit, coffee and even cotton.

2. Decline of bees

With a rise in urbanization, heavy industrial areas and pesticides the bee populations are currently in declines which is negatively affecting Earth's ecosystem.

3. Why we started a:musé?

Firstly we wanted to inform people of the value of the bees and inform them about the products that bees produce.

Many people stopped buying honey or beeswax as its a common misinformation that that hurt bees.

In reality the bees are hurt as the beekeepers can't continue working and taking care of the bee families.

That is why we decided to work with local beekeepers are ensure that we only get the wax that the bees don't need anymore.

With our knowledge of design and passion for candles, we started creating designs how would the candle look like.

We as a humans are held responsible and we want to make change with our candles.

So instead of another candle company with un-recyclable glass vessels and toxic paraffin wax we decided to make an biodegradable vessel made from ceramic and using only beeswax and soy wax and giving back to the bees and nature.

We are on a mission to make better future.


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