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With your purchase of this product, we donate % of the profits to our local beekeepers!

Burning time: 40 hours

Size: 220g


Lemon Zest, Yellow Dahlia


Jasmine, Stemmy Greens, Muguet


Sandalwood, Warm Amber

We are using our signature a:musé wax blend which consists of pure local Slovenian Beeswax and soy wax.

The candle comes in a handcrafted designer ceramic vessel and lid.


Handcrafted in Slovenia

The French Riviera is an iconic destination known for its posh and luxurious atmosphere, now you can experience it in the form of a candle. Imagine yourself standing on the Mediterranean coast, surrounded by the aromatic plants of the region. 


The candle captures the essence of the French Riviera with its unique blend of Dahlia, Lemon, and Jasmine.


These three ingredients are carefully selected to evoke the feeling of being in the pearl of France.

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״the aesthetic.
the packaging.
the scent.
Game over this is my new favourite candle.״

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