meet co-owner 

Urban Bradesko

Hi, a pleasure to meet you and see you here.

My name is Urban and im a co-founder of a:musé.

My background is filled with artistic expression. I was a director of photography for quite a number of years. I worked as a Visual Effects artist and helped bring the cinematic language to Video Games. And photography keeps me busy on my off days.

With all the combined knowledge that we have, we were able to build the a:muse brand by ourselves. It really started as a passion project.

But the main reason why we are here today was our admiration and inspiration for bees. We both love pure and organic Slovenian honey. There is nothing quite like it. Through honey, we got interested in creating our own beeswax candles.

Candles were always present in our house since Eva is a big fan of fragrances and aromas. And who doesn't love a good conversation or dinner with friends enhanced with the atmosphere of burning candles?

We quickly found that there was a huge problem.

After burning cheap store-bought candles I had problems breathing through my nose and Eva had unexplainable coughing. For me it became so bad I had to get surgery and remove the polyps that were forming inside.

The solution was beeswax candles.

they helped with my allergies, smelled great and gave me a peace of mind.

And so we went to work on bringing our candles to life.

After months of designing and researching on how to make a candle that would satisfy our needs and be sustainable for the environment, we arrived at our destination.

It became my routine to have the Candle by my side as I was working. it gave me a sense of calm and focus.

I felt clearheaded and more productive. There was something about beeswax that made the air more clear.

My breathing was more open and consistent. And I even wrote on the candle to breathe more deeply as a reminder.

I now use it as my daily compass for deep-focused work.

Just another good use of a candle by my side.

If it helped us we hope it will help you too.

That’s why we wanted to bring these candles to the world.

A modern approach to candles.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey. We appreciate your love and support and I can’t wait to share more as we grow and develop.

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