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realms of comfort

We partnered up with one of the best 3D visualisation

studios in Slovenia, Duaviz. - Miha Janež & Alen Udovč .

To capture what a:musé mood feels like when lighting up a candle, and how

it transforms the environment around you.

Let’s learn how to relax and simplify life together.

We live in a world of noise and distractions.

More and more so every day.

We have to learn how to relax and simplify.

Or be at risk of getting consumed.

Are you getting consumed by it?

a:muse is all about transformation and simplification.


Travelling through realms between different worlds

about DUAVIZ

DUAVIZ is a 3D visualization studio based in Slovenia,

focused on architecture and product presentations

through visual content.

It was formed by Miha Janež as a solo freelance business,

but soon Alen Udovč joined and DUAVIZ became a small


This power duo is not just best friends but form a strong team with their background in television and video production, photography, animation and 3D visualization. Their extensive experience and unstoppable drive turn ideas into stunning computer-generated imagery.

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